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a collective of unapologetic, bad ass calgarians (kultees). fusing fitness and social in one unforgettable space #jointhekult


We challenge the monotony of traditional group training by blending the two things people want: to be strong + look hot AF.


Loud beats, flashy lights and the euphoric highs are definitely areas we take pride in but we're serious about results and pushing you to your limit. Thats why we created our signature Kitchen and Climb classes.

‘The Climb’ studio is 30 mins on a Versaclimber - the machine you will LOVE to hate. You will tone your WHOLE BODY and push your cardiovascular fitness to new heights #punintended

‘The Kitchen’ is the room our designer HIIT strength classes take place. We work in intervals pushing both your muscle strength + endurance to the max so you can see REAL PROGRESS, real fast.

All our classes are designed to suit ALL FITNESS levels; everything is designed with a ‘go at your own pace’ mindset. Which means no matter what fitness level you are at, you’re gonna get EXACTLY what you need that day. You can push the intensity as much or as little as you want!!









canada's first versaclimber studio, we are setting a new fitness standard in calgary #jointhekult