the kitchen

Purpose Built Workouts




In the studio

A purpose built studio incorporating 7 different high intensity interval stations. The workout is designed to condition, build lean muscle and burn maximum calories both during and long after you have left. 

Each day of the week focuses on a different section of the body so you can push each muscle group to the max and recover like a boss. The abs will follow. 


Kitchen equipment

Battle ropes, landmines, the TANK (sled work), rig work, free weights, box jumps and running intervals on our motorless treadmills. 

Each station uses large compound movements requiring more energy...therefore you burn more calories (it's science).



The experience 

The energy and sweat that is cooked up in the Kitchen is like nothin you've ever experienced. These classes will test your endurance, strength and willpower. Our kick ass instructors, fresh beats and LED lights will unleash energy levels you never knew you had, pushing you to crush it out to the end. We'll have you addicted in no time.




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