Lose yourself in the Climb Studio - part sweat chamber, part night know its on when the lights go down!


The versa climber

The most challenging, time-effective piece of cardio equipment on the market. The Versa Climber activates all major muscle groups simultaneously while mimicking the natural motion of climbing a vertical rock. Expect to burn 22 calories per minute. 

The experience

30 minutes of intensity - saving you time in your busy schedule. 

Full body fat blasting workout designed to sculpt and tone arms, legs, glutes and core.

Fresh beats, LOUD sound system, LED lighting and instructors that push you outside your comfort zone (get comfortable being uncomfortable). 



who can climb

Everyone. ALL LEVELS.

The Versa Climber is a zero impact machine meaning you can train in our Climb Studio Every. Single. Day.

Climbing intensity depends on you! Stride length and speed is the determining factor - the longer and faster the stride, the better the burn.

Just remember it's non-momentum based so you literally have to do all of the work. Coasting isn't an option, but if you need rest, simply level out, grab some water and jump back in.